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President’s Report

Since our last issue of Spiel we have certainly had major disruption to many members lives, firstly through the unprecedented flooding to hit in particular, Auckland, Coromandel and Northland, then to be followed up shortly afterwards by the cyclone in the Northern and Eastern regions, of the North Island. This proved to be a double whammy for many and our thoughts are with all who lost so much, homes, businesses and sadly, lives….the damage caused was truly staggering and the impact will be felt for a long time to come.

Speaking of the terrible ‘’summer’’ weather we have experienced in much of the country, what would help us tremendously, is if members can keep us up to date on any damaged or under repair roads – we can then take your feedback into consideration when planning Club runs/events.

Club Activity
The regions have been active with most members getting out and immersing themselves in the various activities the Club has had on. You will read the various reports in this issue.

Sadly, perhaps the biggest event of the year – the Club’s hosting of the Ellerslie Classic Car Show and Intermarque Concours d’ Elegance, was cancelled for the second year running. Last year was due to Covid and the tail end of another cyclone that hit Auckland. This time round it was, after the initial terrible flooding, Cyclone Gabrielle that put a halt to everything.

Given there are over 80 other car clubs involved and we were the primary host Club, the difficult decision to cancel the event, less than two days out was handled with urgency and professionalism. A big well done to all involved. Thank you to all the volunteers who have re-committed to help on the rescheduled date for this showcase and prestigious event, being this coming April 23rd. I encourage all members to come along and enjoy what is a truly special day.

The Concours’ preparation team have our two entry cars for the Concours’ Team Event all ready to go, and so everyone will be happy to see the rescheduled event happen – third time lucky! Do come along and support us in the competition.

A milestone event we have recently held was the combined outing with Porsche NZ, celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the global, Porsche Club Coordination – the day began in the Warbirds classic planes hangers, and progressed onto Pukekohe Park Raceway, we called this the ‘Runway to Racetrack’ day. You will read the reports in this issue.

It was great to be able to share the day with our friends and supporters at Porsche NZ, as well as to be there at Pukekohe Park Raceway for such a nostalgic, but unfortunately somewhat disrupted final day of PCNZ racing at this historic racetrack.

Upcoming events

Nthn/Central Driver Trainings
We are pleased to be able to announce to the northern, central and in-between regions, that Driver Training is back! Club member Ron Stroeven (of the ‘Ron’s Runs’ fame), has been hard at work putting two Driver Trainings together at the Hampton Downs and Taupo tracks. You will see the flyer for this event very shortly.

I strongly encourage all members who have not completed one of these events, to do so. Even if you have done so, it is open to your family members also.

You do not need a Porsche to do it in. I have told my 24 year old daughter many times, ‘’you need to attend one of our Driver Trainings’’, whilst sitting in her car’s passenger seat! Driver Training will also be held again in the South Island this year.

The last Southern Driver Training was a roaring success, one which I know the team will be repeating this year! The benefits of attending these are enormous and we thank John Baker and his team at Star Insurance for his continued support and sponsorship of these events.

Factory Tour After over three years of quiet discussion with the Porsche Factory, I can now divulge that the Club will be conducting factory tours this September, through both the Leipzig and Stuttgart factories.

This was to have been announced a couple of times previously, but Covid and all its subsequent restrictions and disruptions put pay to things. Michelle Neville and I are currently putting together the final tour package cost, which is heavily subsidised by Porsche A.G. We will be announcing the tour package shortly, and it will be restricted to 40 people – this being the maximum number Porsche will take in a group.

Our dates are confirmed/booked as September 18th for Leipzig, followed by Stuttgart on September 21st (with a stop-over in Nuremburg between factories).

I would respectfully ask members to not contact us, until we have sent out the official invite/programme/costs. This will be sent via email so everyone will receive the details at the same time. We envisage the demand for the tours will be high.

Given the restricted number we can take, it will be strictly on a ‘’first to confirm’’ basis. The reason I am mentioning this now, is to give members a heads up and time to plan ahead, as most will plan a European holiday around the tours.

We are delighted to have Mathias Menner, from Porsche Club Coordination, as our host once again. Mathias last hosted PCNZ for the wonderful Helen and Ian Nott led tour in 2006.

George Begg Festival as per our recent emailed details, the GBF, (as we have come to call it), kicks off at Teretonga, Invercargill over the three day weekend of March 31st-April 2nd. This promises to be a very special weekend of famous racing personalities, multiple race track activities, celebrations and of course outstanding social cheer! It is not too late to register (see the GBF promotion in this issue).

Racing You will be able to read the always entertaining, and informative latest race report from Stu Owers in this Spiel. The drivers have two more rounds to go, following the last meeting ever, at Pukekohe Raceway mentioned above. The last two rounds are March 18th for round 6 at Hampton Downs and the final round 7, April 15 at Taupo.

The Pukekohe meeting was both nostalgic and frustrating for the drivers. Nostalgic in that it was the last time, after many decades that our Club Series will ever race at Pukekohe, due to its closure to motorsport this April. Frustrating, with two significant incidents during the PPRS racing, that resulted in damaged cars for those involved and time delays following the incidents. Most importantly it was great to see those involved were not badly hurt. The weather on the day proved challenging, with the opposite of what was forecast, happening through most of the day!

Annual AGM and Awards Dinner We can confirm we are back at Sails Restaurant, May 6th, at Auckland’s stunning Westhaven Marina for the Club’s annual AGM, followed by the formal Awards Dinner – always a highlight event on the Club’s calendar!

WOTY Dan Reeves and Camilla Welch, who lead the Central Region, with help from Northern Region members, have begun the planning for the Kings Birthday weekend WOTY, which is for all members, being held this year in the Ohakune region. This promises to be the usual memorable weekend, full of adventure and good cheer! More to follow as planning progresses.

The birth of Porsche We can report, after meetings with Porsche NZ, that the global celebration of the very first Porsche to be road certified, having been manufactured at the famous Gmund former sawmill factory, in the Austran Alps on June 8th, 1948, will be celebrated at all four Official Porsche Centres from the 8th and including the weekend of June 10-11th. We are very much working on sharing the celebrations with them. This just also happens to be the weekend that Le Mans is being run!

For those members who have also made the pilgrimage to Gmund, and stood on what is left of the very humble Gmund factory grounds, you will share in my feeling, that it truly is a modern marvel, when you consider what the Porsche name and brand represents today.

So, some great mid-winter cheer to be recognised and enjoyed, in this, the year that Porsche enthusiasts worldwide celebrate the 75th birthday of their favourite Marque!

Your Club needs you As our members are aware, this wonderful Club of ours relies on the time and commitment of a relatively few volunteers, to provide the many varied activities we offer to everyone.

A lot of time and planning goes into these events, be they small or the several bigger ones we offer each year.

For a while now, the Northern Region has been running tight on the volunteer front. We are desperately short of help and are reaching out to you, our members, to see if anyone can help us.

We are looking for people to help run perhaps one or two simple events a year. As the Club grows, so does the complexity and time required to do what we do properly. The Southern, Top of The South and Central Regions are all humming along nicely, and we are delighted to see the recent forming of the fledgling Otago Region (more on that to come).

However, we find ourselves struggling in the Northern Region at present, where our Committee representatives are also heavily involved with the general management of the Club, Spiel, partners and sponsors etc.

So, if you would like to give a little back, and feel you would like to help out, please get in touch by email, with either myself or Michelle Neville at: or

It is very rewarding and a great way to meet new members and friends.

Safe travels everyone, and enjoy the greatest cars in the world!

Best regards
Ash Powell – President


Editor's Report

Our favourite marque has celebrated the 70 years since the formation of the first Porsche Club in 1952. This movement has grown to include more than 700 clubs worldwide distributed across all continents. Maybe not Antartica yet.

When you plan your overseas travels why not contact the local Porsche Club and check out their event calendar. You will be made welcome. I will naturally be wanting to hear your tales upon your return.

Our Club was founded in 1975 and is proud to be  the 54th Club Hence this graphic that I use regularly. Read pages 10 and 11 of Spiel 216 for more detail on the 2023 is the 75th anniversary of the first Porsche to be rolled out of the factory in June 1948. Driven by Dreams is the theme of this significant year.

“75 years of Porsche stand for pioneering spirit, passion and dreams. We are celebrating together with people who are inspired by dreams,” says Oliver Blume, Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche AG.

This year is also a time to celebrate sixty years of the 911 and to remember 100 years of Le Mans.

Spiel and PCNZ activities will reflect these milestones in the history of Our Favourite Marque.

There are almost 900 members so there will be many more tales to be told. Accept my challenge and please flood my inbox.


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Committee Members

The Club’s affairs are managed by a Committee of volunteers elected each year at our annual general meeting. As all Committee Members are volunteers email is our preferred method of communication. Private phone numbers are not listed on this website for privacy reasons. Members are welcome to contact the Committee - a Contact Directory is published in Spiel Magazine.

President Ashley Powell
Vice President Peter Stewart
Treasurer Michelle Neville
Secretary Gavin Nauschutz
Spiel Editor Peter Stewart
Club Administrator Teresa Conway
Committee Andrew Anderson
Committee Chris Barendreat
Committee Roger Carter
Committee Russell Jones
Committee Chris King
Committee Graeme Lindsay
Committee Dan Reeves
Committee Steve Protheroe
Committee Camilla Welch