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President’s Report

It has been a busy period with the AGM, WOTY and social runs. Club members have been spoiled for choice, with Club events being run across the country most weekends. 

The Friendship of Porsche
In my humble opinion, the best aspect of Club membership is the friends you make along the way, the cars and Club membership is a ticket to meet like-minded, aspirational and inspirational people. I was reminded of this at the Tauranga WOTY and a recent boy’s weekend away. Although not an official Club event, the boy’s trip was a group of Club member mates and a chance for a not so ‘PC’ NZ weekend drive through the central North Island. It is these experiences that make Porsche ownership so special.

AGM and Awards Dinner
The new format, with reduced speeches and more time for drinking and socialising was a winning formula. It is interesting to see the changing of the guard, with the ‘Boxster Boys’ now being the rowdy bunch and having a really good mix of newer and older (40+ years) membership in the room. 

New Life Members
I wish to congratulate Susie Newbegin and Glyn Taylor for being honoured as new Life Members. Susie has been a Club member since the beginning (1975), hosted the first Club WOTY in 1977 and is a past Club President (1994-96). Glyn has been a Club member since 1982 (39 years), Spiel Editor 1991-96, a regular racing series competitor in the 80’s and 90’s, and made a significant contribution in documenting Club events throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s. In short, when we want photographs of Club history, GT is usually the first person we call on.

Perspective on nomination for Life Membership
I have been asked recently what the criteria is for Life Membership. It is a good question and one the Committee gets approached about on occasion by individuals and their peers to consider Club members for Life Membership. The broad evaluation criteria we apply is:

“Life Membership is the supreme honour of the Club bestowed on those that have given outstanding service to the Club over a long period of time and played a significant role in the advancement and development of the Club, and who remain active as great Ambassadors of the Club.”

When considering a member’s service to the Club we give particular consideration to holding office, serving on the National Committee and their contribution to the running of events and the Club.

I have said this many times. If you want to get more involved in the Club and make new friends, come to a WOTY (Weekend Of The Year).These events are held in the northern, central, top of the south and southern regions on an annual basis. By spending a weekend with the same people, having fun, getting dressed up and probably ‘tipsy’ most nights, you can’t help but meet people and make new friends. 

Upcoming Events
Members should be receiving invitations to regional lunch runs in July, track days in the north and south, the Drive Your Porsche Day event in September, and I hear rumours of an EML lead Boxster anniversary event?




Editor's Report

The weather forecast mentions rain with a southerly wind. A temperature drop is expected. The distance from the warmth of your home to the garage and then to a cafe an hour away now seems to require too much effort. So why not just pull the curtains shut, turn up the heater and settle onto the sofa and watch whatever is streaming towards you?

Hibernation is a way animals conserve energy to survive adverse weather conditions or lack of food. It involves physiological changes such as a drop in body temperature and slowed metabolism.

Hibernation is NOT for PCNZ people!!

Porsche people are enthusiastic to be out and active. 

There are a growing number who are in sheds building Boxsters in preparation for the 2021 Pirelli Race Series. They have been using their energy to find cars, collect the parts and choose distinctive colours as part of the process that will result in a vivid display of up to 15 Boxsters racing in October 2021. This is a sight I want to experience and I invite you all to head to the track with your family. 

Adventures in the High country of the South Island have been trialled by the 4WD owners and now a big one through the Molesworth Station is being planned. This is the region that our Cayennes and Macans were engineered to travel. These vehicles are great for the trip to school and the hardware store but really fantastic for the back country. Meet this challenge and enjoy the wild places. 

The appeal of the track lets us exploit one of the strong genes built into our favourite marque. Move away from your lounge and head to a track near you. The driver training and track days have the adrenalin buzz that is a great antidote for any thoughts of hibernation. Get involved so you learn new driving skills. 

Throughout New Zealand there are opportunities for you to drive across our great countryside. Your Porsche will thank you. I know my Boxster felt like a new car when I arrived home from Westport. Neither I nor my Porsche dissolved. 

The recent WOTY and the forthcoming weekends away are events where a diverse group of Club members combine their energies and have a huge amount of fun. 

Make sure that you forget the tv and that you find that warm jacket so you can share time driving to an tasty lunch setting with people who welcome you into the group. Strangers soon become friends. 

Then before the memory fades share your story though Spiel. 

Hibernation is NOT for PCNZ people!

There are more than 700 members so there will be many more tales to be told. Accept my challenge and please flood my inbox.


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Committee Members

The Club’s affairs are managed by a Committee of volunteers elected each year at our annual general meeting. As all Committee Members are volunteers email is our preferred method of communication. Private phone numbers are not listed on this website for privacy reasons. Members are welcome to contact the Committee - a Contact Directory is published in Spiel Magazine.

President Paul Miller
Vice President Ashley Powell
Treasurer Michelle Neville
Secretary Gavin Nauschutz
Spiel Editor Peter Stewart
Club Administrator Teresa Conway
Committee Andrew Anderson
Committee Chris Barendreat
Committee Roger Carter
Committee Russell Jones
Committee Chris King
Committee Graeme Linsay
Committee Dan Reeves
Committee Steve Protheroe