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President’s Report

Andrew Anderson

The Spiel you are reading marks a milestone in the history of the Porsche Club of New Zealand and prompted us to dig up a few Porsche related examples featuring the magic number 200. Despite many attempts in New Zealand, my first time over 200Km/hr was driving a friend’s Guards Red Porsche 944 on Highway 195, going south to Lewiston, Idaho, at the start of a two month trip which eventually led to my 1986 OE. The wee 2.5 engine was nearly tapped out at 125mph, but that first drive started my enduring passion for the Porsche 944 and the Porsche marque. Somehow, in a full circle, I now have a Guards Red 2.5 litre 944 as a project car sitting in the workshop.

Still on a numerical theme, I have to advise many of you that unless you complete your membership renewal in the very near future, this will be your last Spiel magazine. 

As I write, we have had 374 renewals with 415 memberships that are still outstanding. Christmas may seem to be a bad time to be issuing membership renewals but we are constrained by our tax year dates to sending them out in December. Inevitably many reminders get lost with people going on holiday so we have a proposal that if you wish, and you have tokenised your Credit Card with us, you can advise the office if you would prefer to be automatically renewed each December. As always, you would be reminded that renewals are coming up in the December Spiel, and unless you wished to change some membership details, your membership would continue without interruption. The other existing option is to renew for a longer period and receive a card with an expiry date well into the future.

On the matter of updating membership details, we have had a great response to the information update request and consequently have a lot of information to process, but the result should lead to a wider themed range of events to re-enthuse some of the car owners out there who may feel a bit unloved.

The transaxle cars such as the 924, 928, 944, 968 and now the Panamera, and the many Porsche SUVs are models we want to see more of at our events, without impacting on those groups themed activities. The excellent turnout for a recent transaxle run to Mangawhai is a recent example of that group’s enthusiasm for getting out and driving their cars.

The Pirelli Porsche Race Series has resumed battle with a recent Manfeild meeting and by the time you read this, another Round at Hampton Downs will also be completed. The competition has remained close at the front of the field and the end result is not yet certain. There were no Pirelli series meetings straight after Christmas, and this motivated Steff Chambers to take her 944 S2 to the South Island for a couple of race meetings at Highland Park and Teretonga, which included two one hour enduro races. The Southern racers looked after Steff very well, and she and the car came back intact as you will read about in this edition.

February 10th saw PCNZ enter the annual Ellerslie Intermarque Concours d’Elegance with three cars and I am proud to say that we won the Masters Class with Brent Robinson’s 1972 911 S and came second in the Teams event with Wayne Marmont’s 1961 356B and the Ash Powell prepared, Mike Sexton owned, uber rare 1995 993 RS. A great achievement, despite giving away age points to the winners, MG, with two stunning pre-WW2(1935 and 1938) MGs’. Ash has said two years in a row being in second place ‘has to change’ so we shall watch with interest over the following months to see what he and the Intermarque Team have up their sleeves!

Porsche will soon launch the new model Macan in New Zealand with the new 911 launch coming closer to mid year. We hope that these regional launches can be held with local PCNZ members in attendance, and will be working with the dealerships to make it happen. 

This edition also contains the notice of the Annual General Meeting of the Club which will be held in Auckland at Sails Restaurant, from 6pm. Following the AGM we will hold our annual Club Awards Dinner for both the Club Awards and the trophies for the Pirelli Porsche Race Series. You will also find the Committee nomination form attached, and this is your opportunity to consider whether you would like to increase your involvement and enjoyment of Club events by talking with your local Committee. The continued success of your Club depends on the commitment of volunteers, and speaking as a longstanding committee member and current President, I believe this Club has given me far more enjoyment since I joined the organising team in 2005. I have certainly enjoyed organising and participating in Club events and while I will be stepping down from the Presidency this year, I hope to remain nominated for the Committee as a regional representative in the South Island in years to come. The regional committees are another way to start getting involved, and if motorsport is your interest, there is an essay in this issue on the Motorsport Club volunteer organisation. Consider offering yourself for nomination if a greater leadership role interests you.

As this edition goes to print, we received the sad news of the passing of one of the Club’s racing stalwarts, Peter Thorpy. Peter’s name lives on with the annual award of the Peter Thorpy Trophy to the A Class Winner in our Porsche Race Series. Thanks to Graham Lister, we have included a brief record of Peter’s commitment to our Club.




Peter Stewart

“Do not biff out at all” I found this hand written note on a cardboard package of acetate film dated 1996. I have kept this package as I am sure the previous editor is still watching over my shoulder. 

The technology has evolved since the first 1982 A5 Spiel was edited. Photos taped to acetate with a sheet per prime colour. Too complicated for me.  Working in the digital world where designs and layouts can be changed at a whim is my preference. 

Ian Nott and Glyn Taylor (GT) have provided insights into their editorial experiences. Thank you, Ian and GT and all the previous editors as the Spiel you see today has been built on their energy and imagination. I want to thank the Spiel team who write, review and correct the stories. 

There is a story near you where there are people and Porsches that I want to hear. Please let me know how I can assist.  

As this is the 200th issue of Spiel I have searched around for some Porsche facts where the number 200 is relevant. 

  • 200 kph max speed for a 356A 1500 GS Carrera MY 1956 1498 cc 
  • 200 cc luggage compartment in 901 and 911 from 1964 to 1977
  • Over 2 litre engine 911 1970 to 1971, actually 2195cc
  • 204 hp 911 SC 1981 to 1983
  • 200kW 911 Carrera 993 1994 to 1995
  • 200 litres interior luggage volume 911 Carrera 996 from 1999 to 2005
  • 200 litres luggage compartment 928 from 1978 to 1995
  • 0 to 200 kph 33 secs Boxster 2.5, 1996
  • 0 to 200 kph 22.1 secs Boxster S 2004
  • 0 to 200 kph in 9.9 secs Carrera GT 2004 
  • 1981 Peter Shultz decided on an aircraft engine based on the 6 cylinder 911. To power a business aircraft at 200 mph with an engine developing 200 bhp for take off.
  • 200 was the original production plan of the first Turbo in 1974. 




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Committee MembersThe Club’s affairs are managed by a Committee of volunteers elected each year at our annual general meeting. As all Committee Members are volunteers email is our preferred method of communication. Private phone numbers are not listed on this website for privacy reasons. Members are welcome to contact the Committee - a Contact Directory is published in Spiel Magazine.

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