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President’s Report

2022 is almost behind us, and upon reflection it has seen the Club come out of the uncharted territory, that was Covid. We have done so in good spirit, and with activities now back to full strength. Membership closes the calendar year off at 952, compared to last year’s 893. A healthy increase. It seems like yesterday we were citing numbers in the 600’s.

In our recent National Committee Strategy Meeting, we all agreed that our focus is not to strive to grow the Club to be as big as we can, but rather to offer quality, as opposed to quantity.

Of course, we always welcome new members and it is an interesting question to ponder, and one which many overseas clubs have faced, and adapted to, along the way. For example, with the formation of different model registries, special interest groups etc.

We are not at that stage just yet, but certainly, as we grow, we will need to adapt and re-structure ourselves accordingly.

The regions are all enjoying their Xmas celebrations in true PCNZ style, and it was wonderful to have, on December 4th, the traditional PCNZ Xmas Picnic and Concours, at Milford Reserve, Auckland, being the birthplace of the Club in 1975. PCNZ founder member, Allan Bremner told me at the picnic, he certainly never would have thought, 47 years later we would still be here, let alone be a strong national Club, the size of which we have become.

The Waikato members had a superb weekend away in Taranaki, an event they have been chomping at the bit to hold, over many Covid interruptions to plans made. (See reports in this issue)

Some updates on future events
We have entered initial correspondence with Porsche A.G, with the aim of hosting an NZ Porsche Parade in 2025. The last NZ Parade was held in 2012. The National Committee are at the very early stages of discussing this. This will mark the 50th year since the founding of our Club.

In the immediate future however, early February sees the Skope Classic multi-marque racing weekend at Ruapuna Raceway, Christchurch. Whilst not a PCNZ event, we will be very well represented, and I know our Southern team will have plans afoot for members to get together.

February 12th sees PCNZ hosting the Ellerslie Classic Car Show and Concours d’ Elegance. The organising team are in the throes of confirming members to assist with this hosting, of up to 84 other car clubs – no small undertaking.

Please get behind the Club if you are asked to assist and of course come along to this national stand-out event and support our Concours Team Event entry cars in the actual Concours competition. (See Chris King’s article in this issue)

We will have the flyer for the Northern Region Classic Warbirds -Pukekohe Park Raceway visit, due out before Xmas. This event, on February 25th, will mark the last time our very own Pirelli Porsche Race Series race at Pukekohe’, before the track closes to motorsport events in 2023. As mentioned before, this event is being run in conjunction with Porsche NZ. This will be a special event.

The weekend of April 1st-2nd sees the much-anticipated George Begg Festival in Invercargill – our next combined event with Porsche NZ and the events primary host, Scott O’Donnell. See promotional and booking information in this issue.

It was a pleasure for me to recently meet Scarlett Wood and Patrick McAteer from Sotheby’s International Realty, at Hampton Downs, to watch Round 2 of our Pirelli Porsche Race Series. As was detailed in Spiel issue 218, we welcome Sotheby’s as the latest sponsor of the Race Series. Along with their guests for the day, they certainly looked to be thoroughly enjoying the excitement of being trackside!

The Pirelli Porsche Race Series continues its season with a much-anticipated Round 3 visit to the deep south, at Highlands Park raceway, January 13-15th. If you are in the area, do go along and support the guys, it is a lot of fun to watch, with extremely competitive racing.

Your National Committee and Regional Social Committees, continue to strive to offer as many varied and interesting events as possible. If you have an idea of something that could make a great Club event, do not be shy in coming forward and discussing it with us.

Please check the calendar on the back page of Spiel, the website and frequent Facebook updates for all the exciting upcoming events in your region. We certainly have a packed summer ahead.

I would like to both personally, and on behalf of the incredible team that is your National Committee, wish all our members, our sponsors, and supporters a fantastic holiday period with family and friends. Enjoy this wonderful country we live in and of course the brilliant cars we drive!

Stay safe, and Merry Christmas!

Best regards
Ash Powell – President


Editor's Report

The fantastic people of Porsche Club of New Zealand are the best. I am amazed how I have gone from thinking there would not be a fifth Spiel this year to saying 40 pages will suffice and then to find we have a full 60 page version. Remember your camera while you are on holiday. It could be a DSLR or your phone. I have some thoughts for you. The vital first step is to take the lens cap off and turn on your device.

When you are looking at a line of Porsches or trees or people or anything why not shift your viewing angle. You will be surprised by the resulting photos.

The subjects will be the same but the details will be very different. I tried an experiment while photographing the line of beautiful early 911s at Milford. These are all the same vehicles but I see different details in each photo.   

There are almost 900 members so there will be many more tales to be told. Accept my challenge and please flood my inbox.


SPIEL Issue # 219 Contents

‘The Art of Dreams’ Exhibits Larger-Than-Life Childhood Dream   Porsche Presse
10 Caymans    By Andrew & Jenny Wringley    VIEW GALLERY
A History Note
By Tony Maddocks
At the Australian 356 Parade
By Graham Lister
Southern Track Day   By Graeme Lindsay
The Nelson Country Run and a Christmas Lunch at Gravity Vineyards   By Paul Heywood
Kekerengu Christmas Drive   By Andrew Anderson   VIEW GALLERY
Hawkes Bay Christmas Luncheon  
By Damien Shalfoon
Back In the Day   By Glyn Taylor
Classic Cover Ellerslie Car Show & Concours d’Elegance  By Chris King
Signal Orange 911  By Wayne Marmont
Pukekohe Track Day   By Paul Miller
Waikato Invades Taranaki   By Guy Heasyman
Porsches, Good People, Good Drives and Taranaki
By Michael Dewsnip
3rd Time Lucky   By Martin Buglass
Milford Christmas   By  Gary Lin and Peter Stewart   VIEW GALLERY
Annual Picnic and Concours’ at Milford Beach   By Ash Powell
Southern Xmas Picnic   By Graeme Lindsay
Pirelli Porsche Race Series Hampton Downs  
By Stuart Owers   VIEW REPORT
Pirelli Porsche Race Series Round 2: A Box Seat View  By Chris King
Southern Weekend of the Year   By Graeme Lindsay   VIEW GALLERY
GT4RS Unveiling   By Graeme Lindsay
Boxster Run   By Lorne Somerville   VIEW GALLERY
Central Region Visit to Rod Clifton Motors  
By Camilla Welch
Hawkswood Visit   By Jeff Luskie
Coffee And Cars Wellington   By Camilla Welch
Allan Dippie and the Silver Fern Rally   By Geoff Ridder


Committee Members

The Club’s affairs are managed by a Committee of volunteers elected each year at our annual general meeting. As all Committee Members are volunteers email is our preferred method of communication. Private phone numbers are not listed on this website for privacy reasons. Members are welcome to contact the Committee - a Contact Directory is published in Spiel Magazine.

President Ashley Powell
Vice President Peter Stewart
Treasurer Michelle Neville
Secretary Gavin Nauschutz
Spiel Editor Peter Stewart
Club Administrator Teresa Conway
Committee Andrew Anderson
Committee Chris Barendreat
Committee Roger Carter
Committee Russell Jones
Committee Chris King
Committee Graeme Lindsay
Committee Dan Reeves
Committee Steve Protheroe
Committee Camilla Welch