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President’s Report

Season’s greetings Club members, 2020 has been a challenging year for PCNZ and many of us as individuals. Despite these challenges, the Club has grown the membership to record numbers (now over 800) and managed to still run most key annual events. The spirit and determination of our membership to enjoy our cars remains strong. 

Milford Christmas Picnic & Club Concours
Our annual Christmas picnic at the Milford Reserve was enjoyed by 196 Club members this year. The model theme for 2020 was the celebration of the 356 with the Club assembling twenty four 356s from across the county. Congratulations to Martin Rees for winning the overall Club Concours with his beautifully prepared 356, to Michael land for winning Concours Modern with his 991.1 GTS and to John McMillan for winning Concours Light with the 964 this year, having narrowly missed out in 2019. 

South Island Region Christmas Picnic
The South Island Christmas Picnic was held at Bain’s Motor House. The family picnic was well attended by approximately 70 Club members, including a visit from Santa and was enjoyed by all. A special mention to Andrew & Jeremy for hosting the Club.

Farewelling Steven Neville 
The Club paid a farewell tribute to Life Member, Steve Neville in November. I believe Steve influenced all who knew him, for me it was his enthusiasm and energy for life (a never give up attitude), and his values as a family man. Although there were many car people at Steve’s funeral, the eulogies from the stroke survivors were the most moving, with the recognition of his significant contribution and support to their stroke support network. On behalf of all Club members, I would like the thank Steve and the Neville family for their significant contribution over the past 30 years – we are all most grateful.

Review of 2020
Well, it is fair to say COVID-19 made the planned ‘play book’ redundant with the WOTY cancelled. Despite the domestic and international travel restrictions and public assembly of people capped at 10 for a while, the Club still managed to hold most events in some form including a virtual AGM, and a few Auckland lunch runs with just the run (hold the lunch), but this did not stop us. 

For me, the standout events of 2020 have been SWOTY with 120 people in attendance from across the country and the North Island Driver Training which we managed to squeeze in between COVID-19 lockdowns.

The National Committee held a strategy meeting in October, and while many facets of the Club are going well, I note the on-going challenges for 2021 are:

  • Growing the pool of Club volunteers
  • Succession planning of existing key contributors 
  • Sustainable Porsche Club race series (5 new Boxster Class cars is helping)

Thanking Our Club Volunteers 
Thank you to the members and supporters across the country who volunteer and help run Club events. Our Club exists because of these people and I am not sure members realise just how much effort goes into organising a weekend away, a race series, a permitted event and Spiel etc. I wish to thank all who volunteer on our Committees and help to run events.

Your Club Needs You!
We are actively recruiting for more helpers and event organisers please. If there are events that you could run or would just like to help-out, please contact your regional coordinator or myself (I look forward to hearing from you).

Finally, merry ‘Porsche-mas’ everybody, enjoy using your cars over the holiday season and post photos of your adventures on our Club Facebook page. Take care and I look forward to seeing you at Club events across the country in 2021.



Editor's Report

The best of Christmas and Holiday wishes from the Spiel editorial team to all. 

This year has been a challenge for us but I must express a very big thank you to all the contributors of stories and articles plus their great photos. Some have had time on their hands due to COVID and so have written about their unique Porsches and racing experiences. Many have found time in their busy normal lives to contribute. Some after a little pressure from me. Thus, I have managed to fill our usual five issues to capacity. 

All ideas and material are greatly appreciated. As the Spiel covers illustrate and the contents expand our Club has a very broad range of people and Porsche related interests. That is one of the reasons I believe that PCNZ is such an amazing Club. 

Thank you to all our sponsors and advertisers who are vital to us. Please use their services and products regularly as we need to encourage all our supporters.

The Spiel editorial team of Ashley Powell and Richard Endean work very hard to ensure the content makes sense and the spelling is accurate. Thank you, guys. 

Now we all need to relax with our families, friends and our favourite marque. 

There are more than 700 members so there will be many more tales to be told. Accept my challenge and please flood my inbox.



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