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President’s Report

2021 Porsche World Road Show
The highlight Porsche event for me over the past few months has been attending the 2021 Porsche Road Show in March. Of the current line-up of cars, I have only previously driven a 992. Having now driven (for the first time) a Panamera, Cayenne and a Taycan, I find my dream Porsche garage growing larger. Spending the day driving Porsche’s newest and finest leaves you wanting another Porsche or three, (which is the intended purpose of the day!). The EML team including Greg, Jamie and Stephanie, were excellent hosts and everyone who attended was fizzing at the end of the day.

PCNZ Pirelli Series
Congratulations to Robert Dong for winning the Motorsport Championship, after 20 plus years of regularly competing in the Porsche Race Series, this is a popular and well-deserved win. Congratulations to Neil Dewar for winning the Club Series in his 944 and special mention to rookie Scott Bradley for winning the Boxster Class. The introduction of the Boxster Class has significantly strengthened the Race Series with several cars now regularly entering.

Track Day – Track Conditions
For Club members who have recently applied for track day insurance, you will note there (may) have been recent changes to your policy. Moving forward the track will be classified as one of four conditions, being 1) Dry, 2) Damp, 3) Wet and 4) Saturated. The track status will be declared by the track managers on a pit board at the pit exit prior to each run, and the declared track conditions (may) have an impact on your insurance conditions. If you have any queries, please talk to your broker.

Trevor Hudson Memorial Run
This year marked the ninth year since Trevor’s passing. This year the memorial run became a national event with the Southern Region organising a social run too. I was privileged to attend the Auckland lunch run to St Margaret’s Café and Gardens with 69 other Club members. Graham Lister spoke well of his memories of Trevor and his contribution to Porsche in New Zealand and the Club. We were privileged to have several early Club members attend including Trevor’s partner Anne Blue, Suzie Newbegin, founding and Life members Alan and Judith Bremner, and Ollie and Vicky Newbegin. Other Life Members attending were Steve and Mandy Rasmussen, Michelle Neville and Ashley Powell. I need to acknowledge the commitment of Phil Harris and Gary Leong, having managed to squeeze in an Early 911 Group run though SH16 prior to the Trevor Hudson Run (nice to see their 356’s get a good workout!)

Sabine Schmitz
I wish to acknowledge the passing of Sabine Schmitz, her contributions on Top Gear and You Tube videos makes her a significant popular culture and social media Porsche ambassador over the past 10 years. I was saddened to hear the news of her passing. A few Club members including Neil Tolich and Stu Owers have met her and were fortunate enough to experience the "Queen of the Nurburgring”.

Upcoming Events
Members should be receiving invites for social lunch runs, ironing their black ties for the AGM and Awards Dinner in May, and 100 or so Club members should have their Roaring 20’s fancy dress theme sorted out for the WOTY over Queen’s Birthday weekend. I look forward to seeing you all at these events. Stay safe everyone!



Editor's Report

The Pirelli Porsche Race Series for the 2020/2021 season was completed at the Taupo track on the 23 April. The cool sunny day and the dry track created the perfect race conditions that was reflected in the intensity shown by the competitors on the track. This was the last opportunity to score those vital points and win the trophy. For me as a spectator with a camera I thoroughly enjoyed leaning on the barriers, listening to and watching Porsche technology being driven hard. This season has been more made interesting by the enthusiastic bunch of racing Boxsters. They are not the fastest cars on the track but they are having a ball! 

Take time to read the essay by Scott on page 59. Make contact and then head out to enjoy the company and the experience at Pukekohe. Now your blood has been stirred you will need to search for a suitable Boxster and before too long the team of experienced mechanics and driver trainers will have you developing the expertise to go fast.

The Rennsport Group took the opportunity to fill the track time in between the races with their variations on the Porsche theme (plus a number of members with other sporting brands). Joining the RSG is another safe way of building track experience and has been a first step for a number of our current Pirelli Porsche drivers. 

The above are just a couple of ways that our favourite marque should appear on the track. 

Fortunately, our Porsche Club has many other entertaining opportunities to ensure that you commune with people and Porsches. If you can imagine an event that is not on our calendar then please let the committee know as there is a great group of members always keen to assist develop and make your idea happen.

I was fortunate to meet James Gibson at Pukekohe and Cruz Belcourt at Taupo. These two students have used their camera skills and provided imaginative photographs that I used in Spiel. Many thanks and please keep seeing the unique view of the world as provided by your lens. 

There are more than 700 members so there will be many more tales to be told. Accept my challenge and please flood my inbox.



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